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CONVERTING & TRADE has always been commited to pay high attention and respect to the natural environment and to the quality of its raw materials. Today we are happy we can be part of an international projet like FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council ), that allow us to use certified raw material, coming from forests responsably managed.

The FSC® (C–126469) certification assures that the raw material used to manifacture a wood or paper product ( like our paper napkins)  comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected.

“Responsable forestry management means protecting the natural environment, bringing real advantages to the population, to the local communities and to workers as far as ensuring efficency in economic terms.”

FIND OUT MORE ON https://fsc.org/en


Food Contact

The products manufactured in our plant follow and comply with all the criteria of conformity provided by law for the Materials and Objects intended to come in contact with food ( MO.CA ), as in the Italian Law DM 21/03/1973  and per Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004. A guarantee for the health of final consumers.